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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We are constantly adding most frequently asked question to this page.

A biofilm is an aggregate of microbial cells attached to each other or a surface and encased in an extracellular polymeric matrix. Biofilms serve as a protective environment against immune response and the effect of antibiotics and most other antimicrobials.

When antimicrobial agents (including antibiotics) are used to kill or inhibit growth of microbes, the microbes can adapt and avoid being killed by becoming resistant to the particular therapy. AMR arises through natural resistance in certain microbes, genetic mutations or by exchange of resistance genes. Biofilm formation increases resistance development by microbes.

SoftOx’s chemical composition ensures efficient killing of microbes by several mechanisms: First, our main active ingredient attacks many sites on the microbial surface through powerful oxidation and chlorination of molecules, leading to molecular denaturation and dysfunction. Weakened cell membranes are also more susceptible for osmolysis (i.e., cell burst due to influx of water) since some of the SoftOx formulations are hypotonic. Furthermore, other additivesact as an important pH-buffer for the SoftOx formulation and may itself enter into microbial cells in the non-dissociated state, making the intracellular environment more acidic and nonviable. Because of these multiple destructive actions, it is highly unlikely for a microbial cell to become tolerant or resistant.

A chronic wound is a wound that does not heal by itself or by common treatment procedures. Today chronic wounds are treated the same way as any other wound, i.e. by debridement and rinsing with saline or water and applying of a bandage. If an infection is suspected or confirmed, intravenously administered antibiotics and/or topical antimicrobial agents such as chlorhexidine wound rinse or silver dressings are often added to the treatment.

A chronic wound typically has a resilient bacterial or fungal infection and is often found in patients with a compromised health-status such as reduced circulation or an impaired immune system. Under such conditions, bacteria may create polymeric biofilms to protect themselves which will render them very hard to be reached by our immune system, systemic antibiotics or topical antimicrobial agents. In such a setting, where the bacterial killing is incomplete, there is also a risk of bacterial resistance development.

Most of today’s solutions are not effective against biofilms. Antibiotic-based solutions are not effective due to elevated tolerance of biofilms to these agents. Other antimicrobials are not effective due to their impaired penetration through the biofilm matrix, or simply because their tolerable concentrations are not high enough to kill biofilms. Biofilm eradication ability of our leading candidates were tested in in-vitro wound simulation models, which were designed to mimic surface biofilms or deep-tissue embedded biofilms, and were found to be superior to that of other solutions currently on the market.

SoftOx Solution’s technology is composed of two natural occurring components which have antimicrobial properties. Our research has shown that when these ingredients are combined, a synergetic antimicrobial effect occurs. In addition, their varying properties and composition allow them to not only kill microbes on the surface on the wound bed, but also deeper within the wound tissue / biofilms.

SoftOx Solution is a science-based company with a focus on quality. Collaboration with leading experts and Universities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Lund and Malmø ensures high quality “state of the art” research and valuable scientific advice. Their scientific knowledge and expertise ensures that we can fulfil the demand of developing innovative and effective products.

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