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EffectDes® Alcohol-free Surface Disinfection 1000 ml

The SoftOx technology is ideal for disinfecting all non-porous surfaces which tolerate water. Tested and documented safe by SINTEF. Does not stain or bleach textiles. EffectDes® Surface Disinfectant is highly effective against all relevant microbes and thoroughly tested and documented according to EN-tests EN13727, EN13697, EN16615, EN13624, EN14476, EN13704 and EN 17126. Importantly, EffectDes® has documented full virucidal effect on both naked and enveloped viruses (e.g. Corona family, Influenza virus, Norovirus, among others). For instance, enveloped viruses such as Corona (SARS-CoV-2) are inactivated after only 15 seconds of contact with EffectDes®.

Product Details

  • Product Name : EffectDes® Surface Disinfection
  • Patented by : SoftOx Solutions AS
  • Classification : PT02 & PT04
  • Status : Launched in the Norwegian market
  • Developed and Produced : In the Nordics
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Scientific Innovation

The unique formula is the result of many years of research together with leading scientists.

Powerful disinfection

Has been thoroughly tested for its strong antimicrobial properties in a broad range of microbial species, including spores.

Surface compatible

Clinically documented to be safe, well tolerated and compatible with all non-porous surfaces that tolerates water.

Case Result/Implication & Benefits of Research

EffectDes® Surface Disinfection is approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency (Statens Legemiddelverk) for use in healthcare. EffectDes® has been tested by all applicable EN-standards and shows excellent effect on all bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores. Opposite most other surface disinfectants, EffectDes® does not require CLP marking. Hence, while following the general precautions for use of surface disinfectants, EffectDes® is safe and easy to use, transport and store. The product is eady-to-use, i.e. no dilution needed, and no rinsing with water required after use. As the product does not induce antimicrobial resistance, using EffectDes® may support the efforts to reduce hospital acquired infections in a safe and easy manner.

  • Safe in use — no hazard/caution labels
  • Easy to use — no dilution or rinsing with water
  • Strong and broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect
  • Does not contain alcohol, antibiotics or PHMB
  • Does not induce antimicrobial resistance
  • Non-flammable