Personal Information

Pernille Dybendal Hammelsvang

Director CMC - SoftOx Inhalation Solution

Education & Experience

  • Education :
    M.Sc. in Pharmacy, Copenhagen University.
  • Experience :
    Pernille is responsible for the CMC development of SoftOx Inhalation Solution (SIS). Pernille holds plus 15 years of drug, device, and combination product development experience from early and late stage in pharmaceutical R&D. Pernille channels this constellation of end-to-end product development knowledge into not only SIS, but also SoftOx CMC for the benefit of all projects. Pernille has an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements needed to bring products to the market.
  • Other Expertise :
    Pernille has several years of experience as both project and people manager and during recent years specialized within strategical leadership.