Personal Information

Ragni Mikkola Christensen

CMC Senior Engineer

Education & Experience

  • Education :
    BSc in Biochemistry from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, with specialization in immunology and molecular genetics.
  • Experience :
    Ragni is the company`s CMC Senior Engineer and her responsibilities include designing quality system functionality in CMC and QC departments, managing products for Scientific studies as well as follow-up on Clinical Research Organisations. Ragni has experience from medical science and several years of experience from Quality Control in the pharma business (NovaMatrix AS).
  • Other Expertise :
    Ragni has extensive knowledge and training in the fields of immunology, genetics, cell work, microbiology, Quality Control, GMP and Quality Management Systems. Her network is primarily within pharma and medical science. Ragni has also experience from overseeing large productions at Sydvaranger Gruve (Mining Company).