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A medtech and pharmaceutical company

SoftOx Solutions AS (SoftOx, listed at Euronext Growth Oslo) is a medtech and clinical-stage pharmaceutical company based in Oslo, Norway. We have developed a non-toxic and highly efficient antiseptic technology designed to address some of the world’s greatest health challanges, including:


Emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

According to the World Health Organization, AMR is a major threat to global health. New forms of resistance are emerging and can spread with remarkable speed between continents.

Biofilm infections in chronic wounds

There is growing evidence showing of the presence of biofilms in non-healing, chronic wounds and their adverse role in wound healing.

Spread of viruses

Deadly viral outbreaks are expected in the future. There remains an unmet need for effective and well-tolerated virucidal solutions to aid for infection prevention and control.


New ways of eradicating infections

When SoftOx began work on its formulations 10 years ago, our vision seemed almost unreachable. It took plenty of hard work, a strong belief in our research, and a stubbornness to overcome uncertainties, setbacks and other challenges, and get to where we are today. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our team, and to the core values we all share, SoftOx is currently in a prime position.

As SoftOx develops into a well-known brand, we will learn to navigate our way around various obstacles. It is therefore important to emphasise that our long-term goals are now within reach, and our ongoing research and development has resulted in greater confidence and optimism than ever before.

Charles Alexandre de Calonne once said: “Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a little longer”. This statement corresponds well with our dedication to developing solutions serving human health.

Geir Hermod Almås

Executive Chairman & Founder

Almås, Geir III-min - Statement

Geir Hermod Almås

Executive Chairman & Founder


Leading Research Institutions & Organisations

After years of research and product development

In collaboration With leading Nordic research institutes

SoftOx has developed a non-toxic and highly effective antiseptic technology, which eradicates and prevents biofilm infections, and is fully virucidal.

SoftOx is all about Technology

The unique SoftOx technology, developed in close collaboration with expert scientists and clinicians from the universities in Skåne County and the University of Copenhagen, is based on a combination of naturally occurring chemicals that harbour broad antimicrobial effects without inducing resistance. There is documentation to confirm that this technology has a strong antimicrobial effect against all bacteria (including MRSA), fungi and viruses  tested. Pre-clinical and clinical trials indicate that SoftOx technology is well tolerated. Given its favourable benefit-risk profile, SoftOx technology aims to raise the standards for disinfectants and wound care products.

Developed With Top Ranked Scientists

Aiming to Solve Major Health Challenges


SafeDes+ - Alcohol-free Hand Disinfectant

Inactivating The Corona virus in just 15 seconds

SafeDes+ Alcohol-Free Hand Disinfectant contains naturally occurring reactive chemicals that instantly kill microbes. These natural ingredients are safe, clinically tested and skin-friendly.

Alcohol-based (70–85%) hand disinfectants work by disrupting the fatty acid layer of the bacterial cell wall which results in the death of the bacteria. Since human skin has a similarly structured lipid layer, alcohol-based hand disinfectants can damage that protective fat layer,  resulting in dry and/or eczematous skin. According to the World Health Organization, 25–50% of healthcare professionals develop skin irritation of the hands, due to intense hygiene routines.

In contrast to alcohol-based disinfectants, SafeDes+ is a water-based disinfectant containing ingredients that are naturally present in the human body. It does not harm the natural fatty layer that protects the skin, and is gentle to the skin’s natural microflora.