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Focus on effective IPC guidelines

In the past 50 years, more than 300 pathogens have emerged or re-emerged, including Zika, yellow fever, Ebola and lately SARS-CoV-2 leading to the deadly COVID-19 disease. Such epidemics and pandemics have been forecasted and are expected in the future. Factors that contribute to this are:

1. Human population growth and the encroaching on previously wild areas where unknown viruses and bacteria lurk in animals.

2. Human migratory patterns: The surge in international travel allows viruses to spread around the globe quickly. especially in populated areas.

3. Climate change has enabled insects and animals that carry disease to expand their habitats to new regions (REF).

The World Health Organization (WHO) monitors viral outbreaks closely and develop guidance documents on infection prevention and control (IPC) strategies. Proper hand hygiene measures for the general public, and for health care workers specifically, are of crucial importance. There is an unmet need for well-tolerated, effective virucidal solutions that do not compromise skin health due to repeated use.