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Respiratory care

Developing the SoftOx Inhalation Solution

An ideal intervention for new emergent viruses

Influenza-like illnesses (like COVID-19) continue to cause significant morbidity and mortality. Vaccination programs and targeted antiviral treatments are available for some causes of influenza-like illness. But these treatment and prevention options are limited to a small subset of viruses responsible for influenza-like illness, and rapid viral mutations limit their efficacy. Continual roll out of new vaccination boosters and drug cocktails is also expensive and resource intensive on healthcare services.

An inhalation solution for early treatment and prevention

SoftOx is developing a novel, self-administered inhaled drug for early treatment and prevention of influenza-like illnesses. The pan-virucidal effects of SoftOx Inhalation Solution (SIS) circumvents the need for expensive diagnostic procedures and potential delays to treatment. Due to its non-specific mechanism of virus killing and inactivation, SoftOx Inhalation Solution has the potential to be an ideal “go to” intervention for new emergent viruses.

Key Features
  • Aerosolized form of the SoftOx technology
  • Designed to be administered by mask to the upper and lower airways, using a simple handheld device
  • Current focus on influenza-like illnesses
  • Suitable for for development within many infectious disease and respiratory indications

How it works

SIS is an aqueous, isotonic formulation of hypochlorous acid, stabilised for aerosolisation and suitable for administration to the respiratory tract (e.g., using a standard nebuliser). SoftOx hypothesizes that SIS inactivates and kills intracellular and extracellular virus in the upper and lower respiratory tract, resulting in a reduction in viral load, thereby improving symptoms, shortening disease duration, and preventing onward disease transmission. Such a drug would be ideal in the efforts to limit the health and societal impact of SARS-CoV-2 and future pandemics.

The antimicrobial mechanism of Hypochlorous acid

In Phase 1 (NCT05188638), SoftOx Inhalation Solution (SIS) was shown to be safe and well tolerated in healthy subjects.