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SoftOx is listed on the Euronext Growth Oslo

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SoftOx Solutions AS


SoftOx Solutions AS (Oslo) is a Scandinavian medtech and biotech  company listed on Euronext Growth. After years of research and product development with leading Nordic research institutions, SoftOx has developed a non-toxic and highly efficient antiseptic technology, which eradicates and prevents biofilm infections and is fully virucidal. We develop innovative, patented, and effective infection control solutions for disinfection, wound care and the respiratory tract. The work is supported by the Research Council of Norway and the EU. Our first product series, alcohol-free disinfectants were introduced to the Scandinavian market in 2020.

SoftOx Solutions AS

Share Capital Development

SoftOx has raised a total of NOK 250 million, of which NOK 50 million was raised before the IPO (Initial Public Offering) at an average price of NOK 13 per share. After the IPO, SoftOx have had the following placements:

  • 21/12/2018 - NOK 15 million Private Placement with support from new and existing shareholders. Private Placement consists of 680 000 new shares, each at a subscription price of NOK 22.
  • 12/12/2019 - SoftOx has completed Private Placement, raising gross proceeds of approximately NOK 75 million through issuance of 3,125,000 new shares (the "New Shares") at a price of NOK 24 per share. Private Placement received support from both new and existing shareholders.
  • 16/12/2020 SoftOx has completed a Private Placement, raising gross proceed of approximately NOK 50 million through issuance of 909,090 new shares, at a price per Offer Share of NOK 55. The Private Placement consists of two separate tranches: one tranche with 500,000 Offer Shares ("Tranche 1") and a second tranche with 409,090 Offer Shares ("Tranche 2").
  • 15/12/2021 – SoftOx has completed a Private Placement, raising gross proceed of approximately NOK 50 million through issuance of 915 000 new shares, at a price per offer share of NOK 55. In relation to the Private Placement, Almhaug Bolig AS has exercised its right to convert NOK 10 million of its short-term unsecured interest-free loan, with a principal amount of NOK 15 million, into new shares in the Company at a conversion price of NOK 38.55 per share in accordance with the loan agreement between the Company and Almhaug Bolig AS dated 13 October 2021.

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