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AntiVir™ Alcoholfree Hand Disinfection 250 ml

AntiVir™ Hand Disinfectant is highly effective and clinically documented to be safe, well tolerated and non-drying on both healthy and compromised skin. AntiVir™ is highly effective against all relevant microbes and thoroughly tested and documented according to EN-tests EN13727, EN1500, EN13624 and EN14476. Importantly, AntiVir™ has documented full virucidal effect on both naked and enveloped viruses (e.g. Corona family, Influenza virus, Norovirus, among others). For instance, enveloped viruses such as Corona (SARS-CoV-2) are inactivated after only 15 seconds of AntiVir™.

Product Details

  • Product Name : AntiVir™ Hand Disinfection
  • Patented by : SoftOx Solutions AS
  • Classification : PT01
  • Status : Launched in the Norwegian market
  • Developed and Produced : In the Nordics
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Scientific Innovation

The unique formula is the result of many years of research with leading scientists in chemistry and microbiology.

Powerful disinfection

Kills all microbes tested (bacteria, spores, fungi) and rapidly inactivates all types of viruses, including Corona virus.

Skin Friendly

Clinically documented to be safe, well tolerated and non-drying on both healthy and compromised skin.

Excellent Safety – the Benefits of Research

The formulation has been thoroughly tested in preclinical biocompatibility studies as well as clinical trials documenting its excellent safety and tolerability profile. Even in situations of breached or compromised skin, e.g. often experienced by health care workers, AntiVir™ does not sting, burn, or dry out the skin, making it an ideal alternative to alcohol-based hand rubs. Importantly, the AntiVir™ formula does not induce antimicrobial resistance. By using AntiVir™, we can contribute positively to prevent and reduce hand eczema /Irritated skin among health care workers, increase hand hygiene compliance and hence reduce hospital acquired infections and antimicrobial resistance.

  • Clinically documented skin friendly
  • Safe in use – no hazard/caution labels
  • Strong and Broad spectrum antimicrobial effect
  • Does not contain alcohol, antibiotics or PHMB
  • Does not induce antimicrobial resistance
  • Non-flammable