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The challenge W

The challenge of treating infections in wounds

For a solution to be effective the following criteria must be met:

Not contribute to new resistances
New solutions should not induce new resistances or create cross resistances.
Be well tolerated by the host
Must avoid delay in wound healing and must not be toxic to the host.
Be a topical solution
Should be topical to avoid hurting the host’s natural bacterial flora.

To penetrate and eradicate biofilm microbes

Aggregated bacteria often covered by slime (biofilm matrix), acting as a fortress and protect bacteria from attacks such as​ antibiotic treatment and the immune system.

To be effective on antibiotic resistant microbes

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria no longer react to antibiotics intended to destroy them. This means that the bacteria are not killed and continue to grow.

Prevent hospital acquired infections (HAI)

Statistics have shown that a major challenge with difficult infections, is their spread between patients in hospitals, thus avoiding the spread of bacteria is critical. Over 50% of the bacteria is spread through the hands of healthcare workers therefore having healthy hands, and implementing a proper hand hygiene such as hand disinfection is crucial. However, World Health Organisation reports that today as mush as 25-50% of the healthcare workers suffer from hand eczema or compromised skin, which results in decrease in hand washing and hygiene.

Solution must be effective on compromised and dry skin, and skin friendly.